Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spitting and Sucking... Yeah, that sounds about like the Super Bowl

Okay, I had to wait an extra day before I commented on some of the Super Bowl ads... just to let my brain wrap around the stupidity of it all.

To explain my title this morning:
1. Spitting-- The ETrade baby sitting in front of the computer screen talking to you in a grown up voice, then promptly hurling baby food after telling you about his brilliant and instantaneous stock trade.
2. Sucking-- Justin Timberlake being "slurped" across town through the straw of a fabulously tasty Pepsi (cue the Tony Romo cameo).

Now, the point:
After seeing over $160 million worth of advertising in one afternoon, I know that viewers must pay attention to the ENTIRE commercial because they will only figure out what the hell company the commercial is for in the 2.5 seconds at the end.

Entertainment-wise-- A+, you brilliant advertisting agencies, you. ROI-wise-- F-, way too many who-the-hell-cares moments. But, maybe that has become the point. Maybe, the Super Bowl is the one day a year where we expect every single moment of the TV to entertain us, not inform us. And, certainly not contribute to these companies' brand value.

Geesh... but, what do I know. I've got a gigantic pizza hangover.

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