Friday, February 1, 2008

Mandatory Marketing for 2008, Part 2

On to...

6. Get Social-- Involve your company in some form of social marketing whether it's on forums, social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace or even bookmarking destinations such as,, and
(MORE ON MONDAY about how the movie Cloverfield implemented the most amazing viral, social marketing campaign to date!)

7. Start Making Movies-- In two years time, experts predict that 80% of the U.S. online community will be viewing online videos... that's around 157 million people. Optimize your video files with keywords and ensure they are submitted to video search engines.

8. Smarten Up Your Email Marketing-- With the huge amount of spam floating around it has never been more important for marketers to get the message, the timing and the relevancy on track. Clean up your lists, segment and target your campaigns, keep rich media files small, track your ROI, and keep your content and subject headers targeted and personalized.

9. Article Marketing-- As a part of your SEO, distribute articles to relevant directories. Remember to maximize the article for search engines and place the same article on your corporate web site.

And, lastly...
10. Go Viral-- Again, more on this on Monday, but for now, the huge success of viral marketing, including the most recent "Elf Yourself" program and Cadbury's drumming Gorilla video, has show just how consumer action can promote your brand.

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