Monday, February 11, 2008

Basic Business Blogging

Lots of people have jumped on the blogging bandwagon, and although there is a danger of your new blog getting lost in the masses, this tactic can be a key factor in marketing and business success. The following includes some basic tips aimed squarely at people who know there is value to be found in having a strong web presence, but need to cut through all the buzzwords and hype to get the straight info on the what, why and how of business blogging.

1. Blogging takes commitment and time: You'll be dedicating time to providing customers and prospects with new information and/or commentary about your company's purpose and industry. This doesn't mean you have to type forever... some of the best blogs are short, pithy entries that the reader can view and understand easily.

2. The content must be relevant: Blogs can help to position you as an expert in your field if they're written the right way. They also enable you to promote your products and services with a personal touch as you can link to appropriate news articles, pictures, and web sites to support your positioning.

3. Links are important: It's easy to forget the business behind the blog and get lost in the content itself. Build links to the site from other web sites related to your business and expertise. More links generally mean more traffic and a better search engine position.

4. Blogs are interactive: Readers can normally post their own comments to your entries. This allows existing and potential customers to comment on your product or service. Install Google analytics to check the statisics on how many people are viewing your blog... and other pages of your web site.

5. Is there a call to action?: Does the blog link through to a special offer or service you're currently running? Or, even an invitation for an initial consultation? Calls to action will help you win new customers or encourage existing ones to try out new products or services.

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