Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Silent Symphony

Every once in a while I like to pop in and check out Mark Stevens' "Unconventional Thinking Blog." Today he sent out an email that has a very specific message about life, but I also think it applies to marketing and your company's brand message.

Mark says, "The Music Of The Silences... it is so much more powerful than the music of the orchestra. Of the exclamations. Of the boisterous proclamations. When nothing has to be said, and yet everything is as clear as can be, it is a masterpiece.This is the art of the subtle.

"Every great business person lets their accomplishments talk for themselves. Every great company delivers something exceptional and allows the silent referrals to build its base. People go to business school for years to learn how to make noise. To beat drums. To spend zillions on advertising. Caught up in the machine of conventional wisdom, they forget that yes, life imitates art, but business imitates life as well."

With those thoughts, I pose the question... look closely at your company, it's mission, it's Unique Value Proposition and selling point. Is your message distilled, refined, defined not only by what it says, but also by the whitespace... the void that's left... the echoing silence? Most-times it's not what you're saying; it's what you're not that speaking most loudly.

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