Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Marketing Moves Mislead

So, I receive an email last Friday from (where I buy all my face soaps and creams) informing me that Monday, January 14th, will be the last day to take advantage of their $20.08 discount on all orders. This morning I gleefully go shopping and hit the payment cart area where I am to enter discount code "NEWYOU" only to be informed that I have not reached the minimum purchase requirement. HUH?!?!??

I go back and read every single word of the email promotion... not one letter about a minimum purchase amount. I now take precious time out of my morning and call Customer Service. The associated reads her copy of the email with me over the phone and doesn't find a thing about a minimum amount either. OH.... THERE it is. I'm supposed to go to the Home Page of the web site and click a "Details" link in Times New Roman 7pt. font embedded inside the huge purple graphic to know that I have to order a minimum $100 pre-tax / pre-shipping to qualify for the $20.08 off my order. Now, I'm pissed.

Note to all marketers, salespeople, and senior management of companies big and small: This move is misleading... It's LYING... but, most of all, it will make your loyal customers angry. And, they'll think twice about doing business with you again.

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