Monday, August 27, 2007

Opportunity is Knocking...

... but sometimes I don't answer. The following is a monologue on the top three words/phrases I LOVE to hear.

"Thou strong seducer, Opportunity,"
says 17th century English poet and literary critic, John Dryden. And, I have to agree with him. How many times do you sit in meetings and attend conferences where someone is attempting to lure the audience with the siren song of OPPORTUNITY. Coincidentally, or maybe predictably, "opportunity" has the same number of syllables as "oh, $#!t, I screwed up."

My other favorite word (yes, I've already had a sarcastic sandwich this Monday morning) is PARTNER. People are always wanting me to partner on their projects. 99.999% of the time means me giving away all my intellectual property for a long period of time (like years) in hopes of successfully launching their company, and then I get to enjoy a smaller percentage of the profits. Well, it was their idea in the first place. I'm supposed to disregard the fact that they never could have gotten it off the ground without help. Ugh.

Finally, "I'D LOVE TO PICK YOUR BRAIN" about my idea/ my business/ my whatever. I know that attorneys, accountants, psychiatrists, and other professionals whose work IS their brain experience this onslaught almost everyday. I know that most people don't mean any harm. They aren't trying to actually steal from my livelihood; they just need a little enlightenment. So, my response is, "I'd love to sit with you and learn more about your idea so that I can give you some ideas to assist in your project. That's why I created my 'Power Hour.' Just email me a few times this week that are convenient for you. I'll send you an invoice for the $250 consulting fee and we'll nail down a time and location. Sound good?"

... My, my, my. Yes, I DO love it when I hear the knock at the door.

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