Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life Flies By and Dreams Wave Back

Thoughts from Mark Stephens, CEO of MSCO. I can't agree with him more...

"Everyone has a dream. Martin Luther King's was a Mother of a dream. Yours may appear petty in comparison…to everyone but you. It is yours, and it is magnificent, sweeping, and grand. But the question is, will it ever make the cosmic transition from dream to reality? The truth is, life races by and the dreams wave back. And you keep promising that you will turn the dream into reality, but you don't.

"You blame it on the gods and circumstances and religion and tradition and other people, but it’s you that builds the wall you refuse to pass through. Just you.

"I walk into countless meetings and hear of dreams. I fly in planes and hear of dreams. I attend conferences and hear of dreams. And, I love dreamers beause they have the electricity of life. But, so often it remains static electricity. 'My career would be what I really want it to be, but...', 'My company would break new ground in our industry and achieve truly dramatic breakthroughs, however...'

"Dreams are like snowflakes. They dance from the sky and powder the world with possibilities, and in most every case, they melt and disappear, leaving nothing but what might have been.

"Rosa Parks dreamed of sitting in the front of a bus. And, with the threat of death all around her, that is precisely what she did. At this moment, in companies and firms and homes around the world, billions of dreams are out there, in holding patterns, waiting to take flight. Will yours?

"Will life softly fly by? Will your dreams wave back? Like snowflakes of the mind..."

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