Monday, July 2, 2007

You Get the Most Flak when You're Right Over the Target

Delays, challenges, excuses, non-returned emails/phone calls, blatant avoidance, blame-passing. We all deal with these issues in our daily work lives. Yet, for those of us who consult for a living (especially, on our own) these little scenarios can sometimes mean a "billing snafu" on our part to the people that we owe. Ahhh... the joys of owning my time and my life.

However, I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything in the world. Some people are just wired for risk, chance, phenomenal luck, and good fortune that smiles down always at the precisely correct time. And, being a naturally positive and happy person anyway, I only look for the lesson in challenges. Heck, I know that if everyone's agreeing with me it must be a crappy idea.

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