Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Main Thing

One is said to have INTEGRITY to the extent that everything he does and believes is based on the same core set of values. While those values may change, it is their consistency with each other and with the person's actions that determine his integrity and his true intentions.

Because intentions are closely related to fairness and certainly affect the degree of honesty/dishonesty, there is a wide spread confusion about what constitutes honesty. Socrates had much to say about truth, honesty and morality, and explained that if people really understood that their behavior was wrong-- then they simply wouldn't choose it. Furthermore, the more dishonest someone is, the less likely they are to understand honesty and characterize their behavior as wrong.

All this to say... do the hard right thing, people. I'm seeing lack of integrity in business dealings more and more lately. And, I'm seeing people who seem to not give a rip that they are slashing-and-burning through valuable relationships with their ruthless and ignorant behavior.

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