Monday, December 3, 2007

It's in the Cards...

'Tis the season of the ubiquitous Christmas card so I must comment this morning on the lack of creativity and the utter lack of memorable-ness of most business cards. Note to small business owners-- this one tiny part of your company is the most important investment you can make... especially in the beginning.

Your business card represents your company; its brand, its voice, its quality, its character. Don't blow your one chance to make an amazing first impression with cheap card stock, uninteresting colors, text logos (unless you're a legal firm), and an overall lack of design with your total company brand in mind.

Or, you can try something completely different like Jeffrey Gitomer
"In 1988, I had only two employees. One day, I decide to give my pet cat, Lito, a business card. I gave her a title, "Corporate Mascot." She played a vital role in my office productivity. Whever I needed an important paper, Lito was lying on it.

"The minute I started to give Lito's card out, word in the Charlotte business community spread like wildfire. Everywhere I went, people would ask if I had one of my cat's business cards with me. I always did. I wrote an article about it. Hundreds of requests came in for one of Lito's cards.

"I was at a networking event in Charlotte when a Fast 50 corporate president ran over ot me saying, 'Hey, Gitomer, show this guy your cat's card.' 'Have one,' I said, 'and have one of mine in case the cat isn't in. I usually handle her calls.'"

Be different... be memorable... the card pays you back.

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