Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Online Alignment Enlightenment

Positioning is not what you do to a product... it's what you do in the mind of a prospect. A McKinsey global survey of marketers shows that companies are using digital tools- from Web sites to wikis- most extensively for customer service, but also for online advertising, pricing, and product development.

Marketers have begun to turn to social networks for insights into what consumers want, yet is this information accurate? Whether the customer researches through their social channels or whether they use a search engine may depend on the number of friends they have. The information present in those real or virtual connections is becoming a part of a customer's purchase-related activity. But, is harnessing the collective consciousness relevant to your company's bottom line? Is this information affecting everyday transactions?

Aligning your business to maximize connections employing reputation, identity, and trust are increasingly like to produce hard sales. Take the time to participate in and explore social networks that are relevant to your customer base.

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