Friday, December 7, 2007

Almost Famous

So, last night, I'm at the launch party for a new restaurant, Scene , in a just opened residential high-rise... an intimate gathering of 3,000 of Dallas' finest. Which got me to thinking (as a friend and I are having our behinds felt up as the crowds brush by), do you have to "engage" the poser masses to find the niche you really want?

And then here's another thought... In this age of microcelebrity, are ALL these people necessary to make Scene be the place to be seen on the scene? (geesh... mouthful) Seriously, you can't feed 3,000 people anything. Tiny plates with 10 appetizers on it were devoured by one guy. Most of the alcohol was gone by 9pm, and then, in true $30,000-Millionaire form, the crowds disperse. Off into the night to find the next scene.

So, would the owners have been better off inviting a select 400 movers-and-shakers to really get a tour of the restaurant, hear the Executive Chef speak about what inspires his creations, have the wine steward share his most special selections? With a truly grand and unique experience (where you can actually SEE how the restaurant is designed), these 400 become advocates.

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