Thursday, September 27, 2007

No More Blues!

Sorry, folks. I just realized that every topic this week has had a negative and/or "blues-y" slant. NO MORE!

I had the most amazing meeting yesterday with a woman that I truly admire and respect. She has been an executive life coach for over a decade and has done very well for herself. However, as she has grown her practice over the years, she's found herself trying to conform to the corporate, stiff structure of training leadership, ethics, and goals. It just hasn't been her.

I've been mulling her brand in my mind for months; what she has meant to me and how special I know she has been to others she has coached. I kept coming back to the same word... "MAMA." She is Mama Judy. She gives love and nurturing and milk and cookies for the soul. She can build an empire on this position. No one else has it. Dr. Phil is "DADDY" and I look forward to helping Miss Judy become the nation's Mama.

This morning the first phone call I received was from her... thanking me for being a shining light to her, revealing her true destiny/business calling, and valuing her relationship with me and respect for me. Wow... does life get any better?

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