Monday, September 10, 2007

The Marketplace and Marketing in the 21st Century

Are you still doing business like you're in the Industrial Era? Please join the Information Age immediately.

THEN-- Certainty, quiet times
NOW-- Ambiguity, crazy times

THEN-- We deliver good, reliable products that work for the client
NOW-- We create awesome experiences leaving an unforgettable memory.

THEN-- Procedure-driven / product oriented
NOW-- Client-centric experience

THEN-- Satisfies a need, "I'm glad I bought it."
NOW-- Fulfills a dream: "I want more!"

THEN-- Advertisement, commercials
NOW-- Word of mouth, referrals

THEN-- Analyze data and present facts / figures
NOW-- Tell a story and engage the heart

THEN-- Product design is efficient, complex, and clumsy
NOW-- Product design is elegant, simple, and graceful

THEN-- Competition, rivalry, race
NOW-- Collaboration, friendship, teamwork

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