Monday, April 16, 2007

What is credibility?

Over and over again I witness first-hand the gentle give and take between those who desire to lead and those who choose to follow. This delicate dance cannot be forced with one party more aggressive than the other. Or, I suppose it can, but then leadership become dictatorship which eventually becomes mutiny-ship... i.e. "abandon-the-ship."

In determining the believability and follower-ability of leadership, experts say that individual evaluate others on three criteria: perceived trustworthiness, expertise, and dynamism. The most credible leaders rate the highest on these dimensions. People want leaders who are credible and this characteristic is a major accelerant to your success as a leader/business owner. Above all else, we want to believe in our leaders, trusting their word, seeing a match between their words and behavior.

Which leads me to wonder.... why, in most companies, is the C-suite "broken?"

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