Friday, April 27, 2007

Filosophical Friday

Well, it's that Friday that comes every Spring and with it a ritual of sorts... the Friday of the Byron Nelson Golf Championship. Those of you who live here know what I'm talking about. The Pavilion, the SPF 30 5 gallon dispensers, and all the silicon you can stand.

Oh, yeah... there might be some golf you could watch, too.

So, in honor of all the fun, frivolity, and freakiness of this special Friday in Dallas, I offer a thought for the day:

"A happy life has been pursued in every culture, in every country, in every generation. But after all this time, there are still no rules for how to get it. And the more you try to pin it down, the more elusive it seems.

"By now, we surely know that money can't buy it. There are those who have very little and are very happy. And others who seem to have it all, but are not.

"Still, we all look for the next reason to be happy. What if it is not about what happens to us, what we own or where we live, but how we look at it? Maybe those rose-colored glasses aren't such a bad idea after all."
from "How to Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life" by Melissa Hellstern

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