Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Importance of Internal Marketing

While most companies allocate resources to understanding and communicating with their external customers, few make the same investment in time, energy, and money in communicating with their internal customers—their employees. Internal communications is traditionally viewed as the sole province of the Human Resources department, but it's essential to recognize the importance of marketing to internal customers.

Although external marketing remains the most important business development task, it is essential to sell inwardly toward a company’s people. When employees understand and commit to the value proposition of the company and its brands, external marketing becomes more effective, because the employees become product champions.

Internal marketing is becoming increasingly important as the pace of change accelerates. Many companies are undergoing some form of transformation through mergers, alliances, or downsizing. The need for communication is stronger in these circumstances.

When companies also change their brand, their name, or their values, it is essential to communicate the change to all stakeholders including employees. As companies empower staff to build stronger customer relationship, internal marketing underpins the drive for greater involvement, commitment, and understanding.

Constant organizational change can loosen the ties between employer and employee. Internal marketing can bring the parties together with shared goals and values. Internal marketing helps the process of knowledge development by building understanding and commitment to personal development.

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