Thursday, October 4, 2007

Corporate Coffee

You think your business is stagnant... needs some new life... a shot in the arm. Does your company need some caffeine?

Below are some idea generators for best practices in the Marketing realm. No, I'm not suggesting a new promotion, advertisement, campaign, or gimick. Those are "tactics." If you feel your company is dragging, what you need is some real thought leadership.

- Do you have a 3-5 year business plan?
- Are you running your business from that plan?
- Do you set objectives and reach them (accountability)?
- Do you manage your business from a "dashboard?"
- Do you know your non-financial, critical performance measures?

A "no" answer to any of these questions lead to:
- Errors that cause high turnover
- Errors that will directly reduce profitability
- Errors that will never let you raise your prices
- Errors that will cause you to lose customers

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