Friday, May 9, 2008

Education from the Blogosphere

Some words found in the social media space lately... time to re-educate your-CEO-self!

Socialprise: social tools + enterprise; one of the biggest shifts in business today.

TLO (Twitter Liberation Organization): concept proposed by Techcrunch and others suggesting that Twitter is "too important" and must be open-sourced so that the platform won't crash when usage spikes.

Distributed Polling: we are better at solving problems collectively. Fred Wilson posted a poll on YHOO stock price which was picked up and published on a number of leading blogs.

ReadBurner: the socializing of Google Reader so that friends can see what you've saved.

TwitPitch: Stowe Boyd, suggests a new way of "pitching"... limited to 140 characters. Now THAT'S the future with no time wasted.

This last word, TwitPitch, is my favorite! 140 characters forces you to distill your business concept down to image words/ phrases that nail exactly what you're doing and where you're heading... Fantastic!!

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