Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's Funny 'Cause It's True...

I had to repost this from Seth Godin because no matter your industry, if you are a consultant, you deal with this all the time.

On that same note, the following is a note is from a friend who is going through quite an ordeal with one of his customers, also. He isn't a consultant, but a senior manager at Coca-Cola.

I opened my Dove dark chocolate bite today, and the quote said to "sing alongwith elevator music". I tried that at lunch, but all I got were strange looks. Why is that? Public expressions of happiness are so misunderstood,don't you think?

Of course, my second chocolate piece said to "squeeze the neck of those customers you absolutely, without a doubt, can't stand to deal with....the ones where the mere mention of their name give you feelings of unspoken anger......the ones who haunt your sleep at night and who lower your mood during the day....yeah, those people, squeeze tight."

That's a lot to put on a chocolate wrapper, but they wrote it very small. You gotta love those Dove people. They always seem to capture the mood just so.

Let's all raise our glasses to not being able to get away from the ignorant! Cheers and Happy Wednesday!!

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